Where are All the Protest Songs?

This age we’re living in is sadly lacking protest songs.

It’s not like we don’t have things to write them about.

Lousy government. Coronavirus. Trump. Republicans. Inequality. Redistribution of wealth to the top 1%. Joblessness. The environment. Heavy-handed law enforcement. the Me-Too situation. Jailed immigrants. Just plain in your face corruption. Government-approved lawlessness.

he sixties had them. Eve of Destruction. Universal Soldier. Ohio. Half of John Prine’s early stuff. Big Yellow Taxi. Where Have all the Flowers Gone? Feel Like I’m Fixin to Die Rag. The War Drags On. The Times They are a’Changing. Give Peace a Chance. Fortunate Son….

The thing about many of these is that they were hits. And those that weren’t “top 40” were played in regular rotation on the burgeoning FM underground stations.

It’s not like we don’t have anything to write about. And we have the time!

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