Watching Biden accept his nomination at an Oklahoma drive-in

About 105 carloads of people came from all over the state and paid the $10 admission to commune with their fellow Democrats in a socially distanced setting.

Front and center at the big screen was Jim Potts in a lawn chair, with a brown dog on his right and a red dog on his left. “I’m the only [Elizabeth] Warren delegate from Oklahoma,” Potts said, by way of introducing himself. “And this is Sparky, and that’s Ginger — she’s a red dog Democrat!”

Potts, who drove in from Oklahoma City, adorned the lawn around him with freshly printed signs that read “Save USPS” and “Don’t let the mail fail.” “I love the Post Office, and I have been advocating absentee ballots for everybody because of covid and because I love those little old ladies who work my poll,” he said.

Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden may not have been Potts’s first choice, but his “middle-of-the-road, broad appeal” has Potts feeling good about the ticket. “We may not carry Oklahoma — that may be a bridge too far. But I think we’ve got a strong chance, or as good as we’re going to get,” he said.

Party goers honked their horns and flashed their headlights as they watched Biden accept their party’s nomination.

Judy Moore, 78, had been all set to travel to Milwaukee this week to fulfill her lifelong dream of being a delegate at the convention, until the coronavirus altered everything. Instead, Moore dressed up in blue, donned her favorite Democratic buttons and badges and decked out her living room in donkeys and patriotic colors this week.

On Thursday, she took the whole show and her adult daughters on the road for the 70-mile drive from her home in Webbers Falls.

“I was in first grade when my daddy came and picked me up at school to go see Truman when he came to Muskogee,” Moore said. “I remember he put me up on his shoulders so I could see Truman, and I knew it was really something important. From that day on, I knew it was important to be involved in politics.”

Pandemic anxieties kept the Thomases in the cab of their pickup in the very last row at the Admiral Twin Drive-In rather than seated on lawn chairs they brought with them.

“We don’t know anyone here, and we’re Bernie supporters,” said Sheril Thomas, as she and her husband ate their picnic off the truck’s console. “We think it’s really important to provide health care for all citizens and you know, food on the table.”

Then she sighed, “Some Trump supporters here in Oklahoma need those things the most. At least we’re in the bluest county in the reddest state.”

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