Trump’s in the Bunker, Real and Metaphor

(Cartoon by By Khalil Bendib, Otherwords)

Trump was in the White House bunker last night, according to news agencies. Of course, he’s been in his own Bunker most of his life, hiding from reality.

Were the aids who dragged him down there protecting him from those nasty protesters getting their hands on him, or just preventing them from invading his mind?

After all, there’s a lot already living under his hair nest: Antifa, Nancy Pelosi, Democrats, “nice people”, everything Brian Kilmead says, fake news, potential pardons, China, Chairman Kim, his election prospects, miracle cures, Colbert, Kimmel, Sleepy Joe, nasty women in general, and a dozen other things. No room for the corona victims, friends or family… except for the one he could be dating if he could.

Under his hair nest is a bird’s nest full of crap, the stuff he believes because he “just knows”. His opinions of people of color, of business, anger threads of all kinds, including his bazaar view of justice called “revenge”.

This is what drive him now. Revenge, which to him is score settling that will somehow win him the election. And deep in his brain, in his subconscious underground bunker, is the post-election– if he doesn’t win. First there’s the prospect of losing itself. Doesn’t fit his image as a winner– a manly man’s man. Second is the prospect of facing the music, especially from jurisdictions waiting in the wings, where the self pardon will do no damn good. It’s up to you, New York, New York– dah, dah dah dah!

He accuses Biden of “hidin'”… but at this point hiding may be his best offense. Less words, less chaos, less Trump. And at this point, only less Trump will lead to peace.


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