Trump praises, retweets video of supporter shouting ‘white power!’ at anti-Trump demonstrators

The “white power!” cry and hand sign is impossible to miss, happening in the first 15 seconds of the video. The video itself focuses on angry confrontations between pro- and anti-Trump seniors in the retirement community, and can hardly be seen as flattering for the racist idiot-manchild.

Rather than accidental, it is likely that the point of Trump’s retweet was to highlight the white supremacist message. Trump has supported white supremacist policies and messages throughout his tenure, from the pardoning of a white supremacist Arizona sheriff to recent scheduling of appearances to coincide with significant places and anniversaries associated with violence against Black Americans.

While most Republican leaders are again dodging Trump’s latest racist act, Republican sycophant Sen. Tim Scott told State of the Union host Jack Tapper that “he should not have retweeted and he should just take it down,” calling it “indefensible.”

Someone with access to Trump’s account eventually did so—only after the retweet had been up for hours.

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