Trump announces plan for return to campaign rallies and ‘racially charged’ doesn’t begin to cover it

That suggests that the plan is to bill this as not so much Ronald Reagan in Philadelphia, Mississippi, as Trump’s effort to acknowledge the history of racism and reach out to Black voters. Which seems … unlikely to go well, especially with Trump in front of a rally crowd, the exact environment in which he often goes on his most vicious rants. The plan was also announced the same day Trump ruled out renaming military bases named after Confederate leaders, so it’s not like he was in the mood for a big turnaround on racism.

Ryan added she had been told the speech would be written by Stephen Miller. Because you always want your “race speech at a unique venue important to Black people with an amazing civil rights backdrop” to be written by a white supremacist.

Basically, what Maya Harris said:


The other backdrop for this speech, of course, is the coronavirus pandemic that has prevented Trump from holding rallies since March 2. The Trump campaign is not yet saying what safety precautions it will put in place.

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