Trump and Barr ramp up their abuses of power—and Senate Republicans are responsible for all of it

This is what a liberated post-acquittal Donald Trump looks like:
not chastened, as some of the more dishonest Senate Republicans
said they hoped he would be, but ever more brazen in his corruption
and his destruction of democratic institutions. Tuesday was a
nightmare for justice in the United States of America,
with three
top prosecutors
either stepping down from the case or resigning
entirely as Attorney General William Barr obeyed
a Trump tweet
 and intervened in the sentencing recommendations
for Trump buddy Roger Stone.

That came after the news that Barr is working
with Rudy Giuliani
 to dig up and launder dirt on Trump’s
political opponents, and after the firing of Lt. Col. Alexander
Vindman and his brother from their White House jobs because he
testified at the impeachment inquiry. Trump and Barr are committing
the abuses, but every single Republican senator other than Mitt
Romney gave them permission. Said “Go right ahead, we won’t do
a thing about it.”

Every day that goes by and every new abuse that Trump commits shows
why it’s so important to retake the Senate. Please dig deep to
defeat vulnerable Republicans in 2020.

I’m talking about Susan Collins, up for reelection in Maine.
Cory Gardner, up for reelection in Colorado. Joni Ernst, in Iowa.
Thom Tillis, in North Carolina. Kelly Loeffler, who will be facing
Georgia voters for the first time after being appointed to
replace former Sen. Johnny Isakson. David Perdue, also in Georgia,
meaning there are two Senate seats at stake in one state. Martha
McSally, who lost a Senate election in Arizona in 2018 and was
appointed to a Senate seat anyway—she needs to lose for a second
time in a row. 

Every single one of these people voted to let Trump continue his
lawlessness. They voted that way when any halfway sensible person
knew that he would take the vote as permission to do more and
worse. These senators intended to give him that permission—and do
more and worse he has. He has been publicly vindictive against
Vindman for daring to testify to what Trump did on Ukraine. His
attorney general is systematically perverting the administration of
justice to cater to Trump’s personal desires, to protect his
friends and persecute his opponents, making a mockery of the Justice Department’s mission
 to “ensure fair and impartial administration of
justice for all Americans.” 

Every Republican senator but Mitt Romney voted to tell Trump
that he is above the law. In 2020, voters can make some of them pay
for that.
Give now to send the opposite message—that no one is
above the law—by defeating these Republicans in