Time to shackle AG Barr, the maniac who’s turning DOJ into a tool of Trump’s criminal enterprise

Fresh off signaling that probation would be just fine for the felonies of former Trump official Michael Flynn, the Justice Department is reportedly
changing its sentencing recommendations for lifelong Trump
confidant Roger Stone, according to Fox News producer Jake Gibson. “The Department finds seven to
nine years extreme, excessive and grossly disproportionate,” the
source said, adding the DOJ will clarify its position on sentencing
later today.

The Justice Department had already spoken out on Stone’s
sentencing, with signed sentencing recommendations from assistant
U.S. attorneys. Now apparently, a new recommendation will be made
that’s much more favorable to Stone on the very same day that Trump
opened by threatening to pardon his bestie altogether.

The news of Justice’s retreat on Stone’s sentencing comes on the
heels of Attorney General William Barr saying the department had an
obligation” to consider the Ukraine “dirt” Rudy Giuliani has been digging up on Trump’s behalf no matter how bogus it is. So Barr’s now taking his
sentencing recommendations from Trump and dirt from
Trump’s personal lawyer Giuliani.

That would be the same Giuliani who’s under investigation by
federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York. But those
prosecutors all report to Barr too, so frankly, who even knows
anymore, as SDNY veteran Mimi Rocah noted
on twitter.

“Former DOJ people are absolutely freaking out today between the
Giuliani red carpet treatment at DOJ & now changing a sentence
recommendation for Stone. And I have to [now] say I’m deeply
concerned about SDNY, Rocah wrote, calling for hearings on the

Absolutely. As former Justice Department spokesperson Matthew
Miller pointed out, Giuliani is getting access to DOJ that no other
American would be afforded. “If you’re under investigation and
you want to provide info to DOJ about issues related to the things
you’re under investigation for, you deal with the office
investigating you, not a special backchannel,” he wrote.

And Barr certainly isn’t answering any questions about much of
anything voluntarily. He’s flat-out declined to appear before the
Judiciary Committee since taking office. He’s also dodging
reporters’ questions, such as ducking out of Monday’s press
conference on Chinese hacking after taking only a single

The House of Representatives already
held Barr in contempt last year
for defying their subpoenas on
unrelated matters. It’s time to subpoena him again and, if he
defies it, skip court proceedings and just send the House
sergeant-at-arms over to cuff Barr and put him in the “little jail
down in the basement of the Capitol” that Speaker Nancy Pelosi
alluded to last year.

Whatever the case, Barr needs to be preoccupied by Congress and
a rush of reporter inquiries. Left unfettered, he is quickly
turning the Justice Department into an extension of the State that
does Trump’s bidding and Trump’s bidding only.

You can’t say injustice without saying justice.