The Trump Georgia Tape: Naked Corruption for All to Hear

Trump was recorded in a one hour phone call with Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in which Trump begged and cajoled him to “find” 12,000 “missing” votes for Trump. To hear it in its entirety, go to This is a smoking gun with fingerprints. Never has corruption been so obvious on its face, including a vague threat that by not helping Raffensperger was taking “a big risk.” This makes the premise of his impeachment look like penny-ante crime by comparison. It also sets up this question: how can Republican House and Senate members stand behind him on January 6th?

This is sedition, a criminal act, an anti-democracy act, an anti-constitutional act. And for you Trump supporters, this wasn’t him just play-acting to make a point. He has himself convinced, and therefore, he believes he is right to do what he is doing. It is a crime.

Just believing your own reality is no excuse for a crime of this magnitude. Carl Bernstein of Watergate reporting fame called this tape “Bigger than Watergate” in that it is a much clearer smoking gun.

I know that there is part of the Democratic party that would like Trump just to disappear, much as would most of the Republicans. But we cannot any longer let his criminality pass. We are a country of laws. That is our social contract. “Every Vote Counts” is also part of our contract as Americans. Now, we have to prove that we will honor our constitution and call a crime a “crime”, and a criminal a “criminal”. If we do, we can count it as a lesson learned and a justice done, and only then, a fresh start.

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