The Press is Angry… Chris Cuomo Drops the S-Bomb! David Jolly Uses a Different S-Bomb! (Who Can Blame Them?)

Rachel Maddow is on vacation, so I taped “Cuomo Tonight” on CNN just for grins. And man, there were not a lot of grins, because Chris was way angry. In his opening monologue, he opined about Trump and Ivanka pitching Goya products from the resolute desk, just because the head of Goya said nice things about Trump. I guess that’s all it takes?

Anyway, he contrasted the things the President was doing with the things he SHOULD be doing (like saving our sorry asses from Coronavirus, fixing injustice, etc.) and said something to the effect of “This is Bull Sh*t!”

That it is, and we all know it, and we’re all tired of it, and we’re all ready to explode.

And Cuomo did. After all, he has first-hand knowledge of the “C” word. He suffered for weeks and still has ill-effects from the coronavirus, so he knows what kind of trouble less enlightened are willing to put their constituents to just to suck up to Trump.

I’m no prude when it comers to four-letter words. I turned on the faucet when I turned 18 and haven’t look back since. It’s a better outlet than, say, shooting someone, and used sparingly, it lets people know you mean it. I mean, goddam!

I watch the early afternoon angry hour on MSNBC, or as it’s known, “Deadline: White House with Nicolle Wallace” at 4pm every day. Nicolle, a former Republican WHite House aid and election guru, provides a home for a vast array of repentant republicans who are now either ex-republicans or at a minimum never-Trumpers.

Click anywhere on the picture above to see a Youtube video of David Jolly’s callout on some national and some state leaders.

Well, that wasn’t mincing words, but there were no four letter words, just one with five letters. “Stupid”. It’s the same kind of rant you’ll hear any day from Steve Schmidt (also part of the “Lincoln Project”) and others. Commentary couched in consideration and respect has gone away. Seeing as this is how Fox News and OAN and right-wing radio talkers have been for all of their existence, it is right and just.

We need science. We need better leaders. We need reality.

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