I’m a Muslim US Marine and I served on 9/11 (Opinion)

Although the Marine Corps is a unique breed of brotherhood which prides itself on certain core values like honor, courage and commitment, I started to experience a level of discrimination I could never have imagined.

I had heard of stories of discrimination taking place in civilian America, but in the Marines? I wouldn’t have imagined it happening among the group that had become in many ways my brothers.

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More sources confirm that Trump called fallen veterans ‘losers’ as story expands

The story from The Atlantic focuses on a specific, particularly visible incident. Trump was expected to visit a cemetery for thousands of American soldiers who died at the battle of Belleau Wood. It was one of the first battles of the war in which Americans took part in large number, and the battle in which American troops were introduced to the horrors of the World War I battlefield. But rather than appear at the cemetery, Trump produced a series of excuses:

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