America gets a focused look at Trump and doesn’t like what it sees

Trump support craters after contracting coronavirus, new FPU/Herald poll reveals

Catching coronavirus has been disastrous for President Trump’s re-election hopes, with support for the president plummeting since news of the infection broke, allowing Democratic nominee Joe Biden to open a commanding double-digit lead, a new Franklin Pierce University-Boston Herald poll shows.

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Trump’s health, white suburban women voters, and the end of the GOP

Polling consistently shows Trump losing white suburban women voters, a key voting bloc that has historically voted Republican, and which Hillary Clinton lost in 2016. In 2018, however, this group moved to the Democratic Party en masse in a drastic shift. What’s more, Trump is not doing anything to try to win back that crucial bloc of voters. As Markos elaborated:

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Trump’s drive outside Walter Reed hospital criticized by Secret Service members, doctors

“He’s not even pretending to care now,” one agent said after the president’s jaunt outside Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

“Where are the adults?” said a former Secret Service member.

They spoke on the condition of anonymity out of fear of retribution.

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