Marc Scaringi, lawyer in Trump’s Pennsylvania lawsuit, said Biden won

Scaringi himself argued on his radio show that it’s the kind of case that will be an uphill climb.

“In my opinion, there really are no bombshells that are about to drop that will derail a Biden presidency, including these lawsuits,” he said during his Nov. 7 show.

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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Apologizes For His Fake Dead Man Voting Story

Fox News host Tucker Carlson apologized Friday for one of his fake news stories that a dead man had voted in Georgia.

He admitted he was absolutely wrong, and that it was the dead veteran’s widow who voted in Georgia, and not her late husband. 

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A Transition Without a Concession

Veterans of both Republican and Democratic administrations are now calling on Trump to accept his election loss and begin the transition process. But he has shown no willingness to do so — and in fact, he’s been eerily silent other than a cascade of tweets, many of which Twitter has labeled misleading.

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Donald Trump just admitted what everyone else already knows about the 2020 election

Trump can’t a) stick to the script or b) avoid saying whatever happens to flash through his mind at that very moment. And so, he flips the script to make the exact opposite point that his speechwriter would have wanted: That the election is, in fact, all about him.

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US coronavirus cases break global daily record, and experts warn it will only get worse

The total number of Covid-19 cases in the US is at least 9,047,792, according to Johns Hopkins University. The US also reported more than 1,000 additional deaths Friday, bringing the US toll from the pandemic to 229,708.

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Donald Trump Jr. says covid-19 deaths are at ‘almost nothing’ on a day when more than 1,000 Americans died

On Thursday night, though, the president’s eldest son pointed to a post from his Instagram account that he argued painted a more clear picture of the present state of a pandemic that has killed at least 228,000 people in the United States.

“If you look at my Instagram,” he said, “it’s gone to almost nothing.”

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White House press release reports that Trump has ‘ended’ the COVID-19 pandemic

the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy has now issued a press release trumpeting Trump’s very special victory. According to that press release, Trump took “decisive actions to engage scientists.” This fast and fact-based action then led to Trump to “defeat of the disease.”

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’60 Minutes’ Reveals What Was Really In That Giant Trump Health Care Plan Book

Footage aired on Sunday night’s “60 Minutes” showed White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany ceremoniously giving reporter Lesley Stahl a massive book that she said contained the health care plan President Donald Trump has been promising for more than five years ―

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A cheat sheet for the debate topics that separated Trump and Biden

he candidates squared off at Belmont University in Tennessee about health care, policing, foreign policy, trade policy, climate change, energy policy and more.But their disputes and distinctions were often so technical that Americans just tuning in to the election might have needed a coded key card to follow the conversation.

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