Georgia prosecutor opens investigation into Trump’s call to ‘find’ ballots

The district attorney of Georgia’s largest county is opening an investigation into former President Donald Trump over the January phone call in which the then-president pressured the Georgia secretary of state to “find” votes for him.

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Rep. Paul Mitchell ‘Disaffiliating’ From GOP Because It Can’t Admit Trump Lost

Rep. Paul Mitchell, a two-term Republican from Michigan, said Monday that he was severing ties with the GOP over fears that President Donald Trump’s allies could soon cause “long-term harm to our democracy” as they continue to spread misinformation about the 2020 election.

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Kayleigh McEnany and the Trump team are running out of voter fraud tricks

The idea that ballots were “backdated” to 1900 first emerged almost a month ago. The Trump campaign and its allies have repeatedly cited the affidavit as part of its legal efforts in Michigan, where it has repeatedly lost.

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Washington Post: Trump spoke to GOP official who now wants to ‘rescind’ vote to certify Detroit’s results

Monica Palmer, a GOP board member in Wayne County, the largest in Michigan and home to the city of Detroit, told the Post she received a roughly-two minute call from the President on Tuesday, saying she felt no pressure to change her vote from him.

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Marc Scaringi, lawyer in Trump’s Pennsylvania lawsuit, said Biden won

Scaringi himself argued on his radio show that it’s the kind of case that will be an uphill climb.

“In my opinion, there really are no bombshells that are about to drop that will derail a Biden presidency, including these lawsuits,” he said during his Nov. 7 show.

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PA: What’s Still Left to Count, and Why Hasn’t a Winner Been Called?

it’s at least a little complicated to analyze the provisional ballots: We don’t have great data on their number or geographic distribution. The state has said there are at least 100,000, but the reporting is somewhat murky.

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Here a lawsuit. There a lawsuit. Everywhere a lawsuit. And all of them worthless (Daily Kos)

She has a court order (pause for cheers) that says Pennsylvania … must allow Republicans to observe the vote-counting process. Which is fine. Because Pennsylvania already allowed Republicans to observe. Never stopped them from trying to observe. Encouraged them to observe. In fact, they’ve had a live stream of the vote-counting process from the beginning so everyone can observe.

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Georgia election results: Trump and Biden are within less than one percentage point

The results in Georgia are extremely close — with more returns coming in on Thursday.

As of 12 pm ET on Thursday, President Donald Trump has a 0.3 percentage point lead in the state, and is up by less than 15,000 votes. Trump won the state by about five points in 2016.

Georgia still has roughly 60,000 ballots that need to be counted.

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