Journalist reveals Trump official Katie Waldman tried to force her to retract factual border report

“After publication, Waldman told NBC News that the figures provided to Congress and reported by NBC News were inaccurate and pushed for a full retraction, saying that otherwise she would put out a statement from DHS discrediting the article,” Ainsley reported. “Waldman said DHS had different, correct figures, but the agency had no plans to provide them to Congress.”

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New Trump Tell-All Books Should Help Define the Campaigns

So the next two weeks should be fun, in a perverse kind of way. The more you know, right? Of course, at this point, I and many others don’t need more books to sway my vote, but those on the fence can always use an extra push. There were more republicans of note on the Democratic National Convention than the Republican one, and they keep getting pushed over the edge, if twitter is to believed.

I trust journalism and journalists. I was one for a couple of years.I interviewed politicians and people on the street, and grew to trust the people on the street more than the politicians. Journalists learn to be cynical. They’re trained by the politicians.

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Pop Cramps: Voice of America Becomes Voice of Trump

Pop Cramps: I first heard the VOA– Voice of America– when I was about ten years old. My grand aunt’s classic 1940’s Philco console radio, a beautiful 4-foot tall piece, featured an am radio band and shortwave radio band. The Voice of America was the sole beacon of freedom that could be heard around the globe by those suffering under the foot of oppression. Shortwave radio allowed this.

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