Some GOP Heavyweights Won’t Vote To Reelect Trump: Report

Republican Voters Against Trump is lashing out against what’s filling the president’s time during the COVID-19 pandemic and nationwide anti-racist protests: “Hiding in a security bunker. Watching his shows. Afraid. Alone. Not a leader, not a president,” says the group’s new ad. “It’s time for a competent president,” the spot concludes. “Let’s elect one.”

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Wisconsin GOP plots to block Dem governor’s power to veto new gerrymanders

Democrats have blasted the GOP’s maneuver as a ploy to circumvent Evers’ veto power by enabling the partisan Republicans who control Wisconsin’s Supreme Court to adopt new gerrymanders. They’ve specifically charged that, under these proposed rules, the Supreme Court majority could draw new districts “without discovery, a trial, or the presentation of any evidence or input by anyone other than partisan politicians.”

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Trump Keeps Talking. Some Republicans Don’t Like What They’re Hearing.

In his daily briefings on the coronavirus, President Trump has brandished all the familiar tools in his rhetorical arsenal: belittling Democratic governors, demonizing the media, trading in innuendo and bulldozing over the guidance of experts.

It’s the kind of performance the president relishes, but one that has his advisers and Republican allies worried.

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