8 Lost Weeks and No Masks (Thanks, Trump!) Have Bankrupted a Sh*t-Ton of Companies

POP CRAMPS: So while Trump fiddled for two months, then encouraged “reopening” beaches, gatherings, bars, and rallies, then poo-pooed mask wearing, the real economy fell into the toilet. Not just for the big companies, but also for the mom and pop shops, local restaurants, gyms, barber shops, offices, distributorships, creative agencies, and more that won’t be tallied until this thing is over.

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Donald Trump uses inflammatory July 4 message to distract from coronavirus threat

Looking to distract the nation from the frightening spike in Covid-19 cases and America’s grim death toll as it surpassed 129,000 people, Trump has plunged deeper into a racially charged strategy meant to bolster his support among White Americans who feel threatened by the cultural change sweeping America after the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer.

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Fauci says US considering new testing strategy because “something’s not working” currently

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, said Friday that the White House coronavirus task force is “seriously considering” pool testing for Covid-19. 

The proposal is still in the discussion stage, and is not expected to be announced at the task force briefing later today, Fauci told CNN. Dr. Fauci first mentioned the discussions in an interview with The Washington Post published on Friday morning.

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Trump’s worst nightmare comes true—humiliated with a partially empty arena for comeback speech

The Trump campaign had also set-up a large outdoor viewing area and told reporters Trump would be out to speak to the overflow crowd in person. Here’s that area around 30 minutes before Trump’s speech.

Ooooooooof. I mean, what if you threw a party and nobody came? 

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