In 2 minutes flat, CNN’s fact checker dismantled nearly ever Trump town hall talking point

We all know Trump is a liar and that his lies are seemingly so transparent it is mind-numbing to watch millions of people continue to show their support for him. Daniel Dale has a great ability to really speak fast and thus perform the level of bullshit this current white supremacist in chief is shoveling out into the public sphere any chance he gets.

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Moderna’s clinical trial numbers show there’s ‘no way’ Trump can have a vaccine by Election Day

“There’s no way. There’s just no way,” said Dr. Peter Hotez, a vaccinologist at Baylor College of Medicine and a CNN medical analyst.

Last week President Trump said he was “optimistic” a vaccine would be ready around Election Day on November 3.

“I believe we’ll have the vaccine before the end of the year, certainly, but around that date, yes. I think so,” Trump said Thursday.

CNN obtained part of an email Moderna sent on Friday to the principal investigators of its vaccine trials. It says 4,536 study subjects have enrolled in the trials.

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Protests in the US: America’s contradictions are breaking wide open

I thought of al-Sahhaf in that moment because Trump’s photo op felt not like a prelude to victory but a weird admission of defeat. I want to be clear: The forces of so-called “law and order” that Trump purported to support still very much run rampant on American streets. But Trump’s actions and demeanor weren’t those of a president convinced he was about to win a great victory. They were those of a political leader doing whatever he could to shore up his base. He didn’t seem assured; he seemed panicky.

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