Rush Limbaugh and the right-wing echo chamber (Sean Illing Interviews Paul Matzko)

It’s hard to appreciate the reach of talk radio if, like me, you don’t listen to it and don’t know anyone who does. Although the industry has been ailing over the last several years, tens of millions of Americans still listen to it each week (a precise number is hard to come by, but it’s massive) and many of them are listening to a lot of it. For better or worse, talk radio does as much to shape the reality of millions of Americans as any other medium in the country.

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New Trump Tell-All Books Should Help Define the Campaigns

So the next two weeks should be fun, in a perverse kind of way. The more you know, right? Of course, at this point, I and many others don’t need more books to sway my vote, but those on the fence can always use an extra push. There were more republicans of note on the Democratic National Convention than the Republican one, and they keep getting pushed over the edge, if twitter is to believed.

I trust journalism and journalists. I was one for a couple of years.I interviewed politicians and people on the street, and grew to trust the people on the street more than the politicians. Journalists learn to be cynical. They’re trained by the politicians.

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