Bob Woodward on Hal Holbrook in ‘All the President’s Men’: ‘He captured the intensity’

Holbrook portrayed numerous historic figures throughout his career — even embodying Mark Twain longer than Samuel Clemens played him. The actor said he spent part of his career escaping Twain’s long shadow. By stepping into the shrouded role of Deep Throat, Holbrook found magic in exploring shades of intrigue.

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President Trump’s former national security advisers say he has ‘no moral compass’ in ‘Rage’ book

RAGE by Bob Woodward: The book is filled with searing indictments of Trump. Mattis is quoted criticizing the President both for his chaotic process and ill-advised, go-it-alone policy decisions. When Trump says he wants to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan and South Korea, Mattis privately told Coats, “That’s dangerous,” Woodward reports. “The President has no moral compass.”

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New Trump Tell-All Books Should Help Define the Campaigns

So the next two weeks should be fun, in a perverse kind of way. The more you know, right? Of course, at this point, I and many others don’t need more books to sway my vote, but those on the fence can always use an extra push. There were more republicans of note on the Democratic National Convention than the Republican one, and they keep getting pushed over the edge, if twitter is to believed.

I trust journalism and journalists. I was one for a couple of years.I interviewed politicians and people on the street, and grew to trust the people on the street more than the politicians. Journalists learn to be cynical. They’re trained by the politicians.

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