Joe Biden Gives Trump’s ‘Wartime President’ Claim A Savage Reality Check

Biden: “Remember when he exhorted the nation to ‘sacrifice together’ to face an ‘invisible enemy’? What happened? Now it’s almost July, and it seems the wartime president has surrendered — has waved the white flag and left the field of battle.” 

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Biden launches first major advertising campaign in battle against Trump

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden launched his first major advertising blitz in six battleground states on Thursday as he intensified his effort to defeat President Donald Trump in November’s election.

Biden has seen a recent surge in fundraising, giving him money to deploy, as Republican Trump has faced dropping poll numbers amid criticism of his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and mass protests against police brutality and racism.

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Joe Biden’s extensive policy agenda, explained

It’s a detailed and aggressive agenda that includes doubling the minimum wage and tripling funding for schools with low-income students. He is proposing the most sweeping overhaul of immigration policy in a generation, the biggest pro-union push in three generations, and the most ambitious environmental agenda of all time.

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