Stopping Skilled Worker Immigration is Like Stopping America

Trump wants to stop all immigration during the corona pandemic, which would be like turning off the tap to the faucet of braintrust we’ve enjoyed since the birth of this nation.

No Einstein? No Werner Von Braun? No space program.

No Bob Hope? No Irving Berlin? That’s NOT entertainment.

No Oscar De LaRenta? No Liz Claiborne? No Levi Strauss? No fashion.

No Steve Chen? No Jawed Karim? No Sergey Brin? No Jan Koum? No YouTube. No Google. No Whatsapp.

No Chef Boyardee? No Rupert Murdoch? No…. never mind.

At the height of Internet 1.0, when you had to use Flash to show video, a company I owned got into the internet e-learning space and had to develop video-based e-learning web sites for a number of large companies. We had a number of great developers on staff, including two that were here on H-1B visas. To say the were central to our success in this area would be an understatement.

More than 85,000 immigrants get H-1B visas for skilled workers annually, including more than 1,000 apiece for workers at tech giants such as Google and Amazon. The demand for these visas consistently outstrips the supply.

Trump is big on big business, but he just doesn’t get it. To succeed, businesses need the best and the brightest. Tech giants are thirsty for talent, and can’t get it all here. They are always hiring (coronavirus excepted).

Stop this Visa program and what great future developments– for private enterprise OR the government– are you stopping in their tracks?

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