Pop Cramps: Walk, Drive, Fly You or Your Ballot to the Polls or Drop Box

I’ve read that some people are booking flights to be in the right place to vote next Tuesday– that’s how important this election is.

With a week to go, it’s apparent that if you haven’t mailed your ballot, it has a chance of not getting there by election day, and the Supreme Court says, at least in Wisconsin, that means your vote can’t be counted. And of course, if Trump goes all legal on us in the courts, that can be a precedent on which they could invalidate all ballots received after next Tuesday. Poor Military. Poor invalids. Poor aged. That’s the Supreme Court under Trump (and possibly for a very long time).

While you’re voting, remember that the only way to undo some of the trumpier things his orangeness has done is a straight flush…. we must win the senate, keep the house, and win the White House. State legislatures are up for grabs in some states. Look at the damage Wisconsin Republicans have to that state if you want to see how state houses can undo a sensible Democratic Governor’s attempt to control covid or preserve fair elections.

What’s on the line? Health care. Pre-existing conditions. A woman’s right to choose. Equal rights. Equal pay. Out of control Executive pay. Even-handed policing. Voters’ rights. The environment. Living without fear from a natural-born dictator. And of course, a real coordinated response against covid.

If your state has drop boxes, use them now. If you must vote, bring water, wear layers if you’re in the cold, bring an umbrella. Bring ID. Wear a mask. It could be a while.

We can put this to bed election night if we are diligent and show up. Car pool. Take the bus. Call a cab or a ride share. Fly back to your home city.

This is the big one. The whole shooting match. The Alamo. The OK Corral. The World Series. Wrestlemania. FInal Four. Last gas before Thruway.

Be the Crimson Tide, not Deacon Blues.

Yes, I voted weeks ago. We’re lucky that way on our state. Do NOT regret your inaction. America and the Constitution will thank you for voting.

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