Pop Cramps: There’s Nothing Wrong With “Big Government”

For decades the Republicans have railed against “Big Government”. It is inefficient, they say. Could be done better by the private sector, they say. Costs too much in taxes, they say.

These arguments make sense to many– when thing in big government are working. Could it be more efficient? Sure. Could it be trimmed a little here and there? Maybe. Could automation and being more web-centric add speed and efficiency? Yes!

But the U.S. Government has never really taken an axe to the mechanisms of government until the last four years. It began silently, as Donald Trump killed vital segments of the government because they were Obama’s Ideas. It was furthered by his inaction in filling thousands of vital government posts. The prior administration provided a guidebook; he ignore it.

Then after shrinking, ignoring and otherwise abandoning hiring norms, he went to work putting unqualified people at every level of government, many friends or donors, or friends of friends or Fox News spokespeople. These people were more often than not totally opposed to the jobs their departments were supposed to be doing. Much like Orwell’s 1984, the head of the EPA was a pro-oil advocate. The Education secretary hated public schools. And even now, the Post Office head owns stock in UPS and Fedex. I can’t even begin to list all of these appointments. What all of these people did do, however, is fire anyone that tried to do their job, especially if it involved oversight.

Was this on purpose or just stupidity? Maybe it’s stupidity on purpose.

Some of this came back to bite him on the ass.

Background checks? Nah. He put his data guru, Brad Parscale, in charge of his re-election campaign. Parscale lived large on the public’s dime, allegedly skimmed $400,000 off the top of re-election donations, and fell for a Tik-Tok scam that ensured that Trump’s first big superspreader rally was only half filled.

But in the “on purpose” category, what about the missing $100 million missing from his inaugural celebration budget. Where did that money go? There were some awfully big paydays for people that didn’t do a whole hell of a lot.

This week, as Trump ended up a Walter Reed with covid (toughs and prayers), we’ve read that the White House hasn’t even begun to contact trace the event that gave nearly a dozen government officials Covid. That’s because they can’t. Trump pushed the whole responsibility for a national emergency to the states, a very republican thing to do. States’ right and all. So there is no mechanism or personnel for the White House to do its job, and that’s where the smarts should lie. But all we get are lies.

So Trump has Covid. Pence doesn’t, but he’s on his way this week to his own superspreader rallies. This is stupidity on purpose. Pence is Trump’s biggest todey (except for Lindsey Graham). He follows orders, implied or otherwise.

Ball of Confusion… and the beat goes on.

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