Pop Cramps: King Trump’s New Normal

Imagine an America where:

You can be arrested for not liking Trump.

You can be arrested for peaceful protest.

You can be arrested for watching CNN or MSNBC.

You can be arrested for wearing a mask.

You can be arrested for thinking bad thoughts.

You can die from the mutating coronavirus.

You can die from random bullets shot by Trump’s roaming second amendment posse.

You can die because you don’t have health insurance.

You can die because you don’t have food.

You can’t complain.

You can’t leave the country.

You can’t cross state lines without a passport.

You can’t get an abortion or free clinic health care.

You must go to church.

You must pledge allegiance to Trump.

You must attend rallies without a face mask.

You must attend re-education.

You must eat McDonald’s and KFC.

You must observe curfew.

You must die if you’re sick and over 70.

You must get a hysterectomy if you’re an immigrant or a minority.

You must love Mother Russia.

This is Trump’s horrific new normal. Barr, a packed Supreme Court, a spineless Senate, are his enablers. We’re almost there, and if he wins the election, say hello to living in fear. 200,000 lives lost is just the start. 2021 will be evil unleashed. Senate, Congress, Presidency, locals. We must take them all.

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