No Press at Trump Convention Coronation

Images of roving reporters with jetpacks on their back beaming breathless reports back to network HQ.

Large, hanging platforms adorned with the logos of NBC, CBS, ABC floating in the sky above the convention floor.

Catherine Mackin, Jessica Savitch, Dan Rather, Frank Reynolds, Walter Cronkite, Howard K. Smith… in the booth or below on the floor, sometimes on the streets, people like these reported the news, scripted and unscripted, that came from the nominating conventions of the Republican and Democratic Party.

Of course, to report the news, especially breaking news, you have to be there, and if the Trump Administration and the Republican National Committee (a division of Trump, Inc.) have their way, there will be no reporters in person for Trump Coronation in Charlotte this month.

The repugnicans say they will stream “some” portions, but some is not enough, and the lack of Q&A reporting from the floor smacks of totalitarianism, because it is. Trump wants the message controlled, and the Fifth Estate can just pound sand.

Of course the press will try anyway, and there are cellphones that can livestream juicy bits. But what “Lock Her Up!” moment will we be denied?

The first amendment, folks. It’s all in there– a free press. Roam where you will, attend whatever meeting you want, report the news, good and bad. Simple. Our founders had a respect for the press, for people with opinions like like Thomas Paine and Hugh Gaine.

Of course, this may not be a strategic decision but more of the usual Trump “FU”s to the press. They report things he doesn’t want us to know, and he himself doesn’t want to hear. Somehow, other presidents put up with it. But many of them had a thing called maturity.

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