New Trump Tell-All Books Should Help Define the Campaigns

Michael Cohen’s Book “Disployal: A Memoir: The True Story of the Former Personal Attorney to President Donald J. Trump” hits the market Tuesday. This will be followed on September 15th by Bob Woodward’s Rage, which will have all the goodness you can only expect from one of the greatest reporters of our time. And of course, there will be many more.

I expect these to be the basis for many an ad, especially from the Lincoln Project.

So, summer’s over.

This, of course, will keep the TV talkers busy, and keep whatever revelations lie within top-of-mind, unless you’re addicted to Fox News.

Presidential books used to come out after a presidency, but Trump is no ordinary president. You could expect a “Making of The President” from Theodore H. White, or an inner view of the campaigns from the reporters point of view, like “Boys on the Bus”.

But the Trump “presidency” had book flying from the first year.

Michael Cohen’s book hits next Tuesday, flying onto my Kindle at Midnight, I assume. I’ll bit hitting refresh until it downloads, then will read it cover-to-cover before I return to my regular job, whatever that is (sitting staring at the walls, thanks to Trump).

I read Woodward and Bernstein’s book back in the seventies because of my liberal leanings (or maybe I saw the movie, or both). I despised Nixon and followed Watergate coverage on TV, radio, and newspapers. I’d wait at the newspaper box outside of the old Milwaukee Journal for the paper to hit at about 1:55 pm every day to plop in my quarter and grab the latest. My company was just across the street, so the pilgrimage was easy. There was even an attempt at a 24 hour news radio service, which I would listen to while driving to my next appointment. Anything to get the “latest”. Now, I ait patiently for the latest from Woodward.

So the next two weeks should be fun, in a perverse kind of way. The more you know, right? Of course, at this point, I and many others don’t need more books to sway my vote, but those on the fence can always use an extra push. There were more republicans of note on the Democratic National Convention than the Republican one, and they keep getting pushed over the edge, if twitter is to believed.

I trust journalism and journalists. I was one for a couple of years.I interviewed politicians and people on the street, and grew to trust the people on the street more than the politicians. Journalists learn to be cynical. They’re trained by the politicians.

So here’s to the Journalists, and the confessors. They will help define the conversation heading up to the election. As I understand it, that’s why we have a first amendment.

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