Joe’s Choices for VP: A Simplistic Look (Like a Voter)

Well, we may not know until August, but let’s look at the “race” for Joe Biden’s VP pick. Let me start with a few assumptions.

  • It has to be a woman (Joe said so).
  • Midwestern appeal is good.
  • You can’t freak out too many “on the fence” voters.
  • The person must have brains.
  • The person must be tough.
  • The person must satisfy all factions of the Democratic party
  • This pick must bring something to the ticket..

The only debatable point above is the Midwestern one. He may be from Delaware, but have you ever met anyone more Midwestern than Biden?

Okay, quick thoughts, then a final conclusion.

ELIZABETH WARREN: She has brains, guts, and lib appeal. Probably a safe second choice. But she may have a plan for that, too.

KAMALA HARRIS: She has brains, guts, and lib appeal. Plus she’s black. And she punched Biden in the nose during the debates, so this would mitigate the “Biden is Bland” crowd.

AMY KLOBUCHAR: She’s from the Midwest, but temperament wise, that would be like icing Biden cake with Biden. Too much nice.

STACEY ABRAMS: Too little experience, endorsed Biden late, the future is her friend.

GRETCHEN WHITMER: Who? 6 out of 10 dems don’t know her. Also, Midwest. I know, that’s a good thing, supposedly, and she seems a little less smiley than Klobuchar. But still. Go with someone with a well earned track record. Next time.

SUSAN RICE: Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi!

THE CONCLUSION: Most of my life I’ve been left of center, but since 2016 Trump has been pushing me left and lefter. Speaking as a lefty, a grizzled senior citizen, a man of average means (waiting for the next stimulus check), and channeling my son, who veers way left (AOC left), I’ve come to this conclusion:

No dummies, no weaklings, no glass jaws. Not prone to gaffs or mistakes. No or little closeted skeletons. Good in a debate. You wake up and suddenly she’s President.


Akay, what’s YOUR take?

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