I’m Pop Cramps (and You’re Not)!

Leave it to a boomer to quote Chevy Chase. And he hardly made it through one season. But I’ve made it through 71 seasons, and this is the worst season ever!

I’m sitting in my easy chair inside my house (where else?) 4 weeks removed from the last time I sat in the cigar store (my office) pounding away at this 8 year old computer (but it’s a Mac, so that’s okay.)

To smoke a cigar, I gotta go outside, and this April has been cold and windy, so I need to wear three layers. And I used to live in Wisconsin! What happened to me? I wear three layers at least if it’s below 55.

So, yeah, I’m cranky. I watch three hours of politics a day, three and a half if you count Colbert’s first 20 minutes plus Maher plus Bee plus Oliver. Netflix is begging me to come back. But I’ve been glued to politics since the last presidential campaign, and I’m begging Biden to offer us some sweet relief from this madness.

Biden. We need to hear more from him. Not just on twitter. He comes off bland on twitter, and if he didn’t, I’d know he wasn’t writing it. He needs 5 and ten minute spots where he addresses the nation with plans. Borrow some from Warren if you have to. Get off your ass. Trump’s on TV two hours a day. Sure, it’s all lie and performance art and dementia, but it’s there. Joe needs to be the antidote– the antijote.

Of course, the prime spot– one we’ll not know until August in Milwaukee– is the VP. There’s always the possibility that the first woman president will not be elected. She’ll assume the mantle if the President gives up the ghost. This is the bargain you must strike. Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is 77, and would be 86 at the end of his second term. How many of us make it that long? And oh, yeah, check my listings on eBay. I hear sons and daughters of boomers want nothing to do with our leftover crap.

Pop Cramps

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