I Got a “Personal” Letter from Trump, and Boy Am I Pissed!

So I check my mail today and among the bills and ads was an official looking letter from “The Department of the Treasury”. I figured, “Hoo Boy, another stimulus payment!”

Nope. Inside is a letter on White House letterhead telling me I have already gotten my payment via direct deposit (clearly I already knew that) and boy should I be happy!

It’s a page long and it’s signed (if you can call it that) by Donald J. Trump in what looks like black sharpie.

So, how come the outside address wasn’t from the White House? Because they knew i’d throw it out! But by making from the Treasury, they figurte I’d open it, thinking it’s cashola, which I did, and now I’m pissed that the con has worked on me!

When will this end? November 3rd, that’s when.

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