Here a lawsuit. There a lawsuit. Everywhere a lawsuit. And all of them worthless (Daily Kos)

Honestly, Giuliani and Eric Trump sound like a perfect pairing. Like Lewis and Martin. Abbott and Costello. Think any good comedy team, and now imagine they don’t know they’re actually supposed to be funny. Except they’re hilarious.

And then Bondi arrived on the scene with big news. She has a court order (pause for cheers) that says Pennsylvania … must allow Republicans to observe the vote-counting process. Which is fine. Because Pennsylvania already allowed Republicans to observe. Never stopped them from trying to observe. Encouraged them to observe. In fact, they’ve had a live stream of the vote-counting process from the beginning so everyone can observe. Bondi also said … other things. However, what those things might have been, no one will ever know. Because—honestly, just please listen to the tweet below. You won’t be sorry.


Meanwhile in Nevada, the Trump campaign promised a major announcement, one that included not just Grenell but professional Brooks Brothers Rioter Matt Schlapp. What was the big announcement?

They’re going to file a lawsuit claiming they have access, but they don’t have meaningful access. Added to this were a dozen or so repetitions from Grenell that Clark County was “counting illegal votes” or “not counting legal votes.” Take your pick. Following this, they brought on stage one woman who claimed her mail-in ballot went missing, and then a member of the Trump campaign who complained about not being able to get into a press area even though he was with the campaign “in a media capacity.” In other words, the major announcement was: We got nothing.

But if you’re going to listen to the tweet below, do yourself a favor and just speed to the end. That’s the part where one woman tries to start a “we want Trump” chant and carries on solo for multiple repetitions before giving up. Consider it the omen for the day.

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