Federal judge rejects GOP effort to overturn Michigan election results

But Parker was at her most forceful when she considered the GOP electors’ goal: reversing Michigan’s entire election, disenfranchising millions of voters and declaring Trump the winner.

“With nothing but speculation and conjecture that votes for President Trump were destroyed, discarded or switched to votes for Vice President Biden, Plaintiffs’ equal protection claim fails,” Parker said.

Even if their claims had merit, she added, “alleged injury does not entitle them to seek their requested remedy because the harm of having one’s vote invalidated or diluted is not remedied by denying millions of others their right to vote.”

Parker also repeatedly slammed the Trump electors for dallying in bringing their claims to court. She said many of the alleged irregularities would have been apparent by or on Election Day, but the plaintiffs waited more than three weeks after that to file the federal court suit she ruled on early Monday.

“Plaintiffs showed no diligence in asserting the claims at bar,” wrote Parker, an appointee of President Barack Obama. “If Plaintiffs had legitimate claims regarding the manner by which ballots were processed and tabulated on or after Election Day, they could have brought the instant action on Election Day or during the weeks of canvassing that followed—yet they did not.”

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