Daily Kos straw poll: This place remains an Elizabeth Warren stronghold, but Biden gains

Elizabeth Warren wins this week’s straw poll, hopefully not
the last one she’s in, while Joe Biden surges past Bernie Sanders
to nab the second spot.

3/2 2/18

Elizabeth Warren 40

Joe Biden 29

Bernie Sanders 23

Mike Bloomberg 4

Throughout the campaign, the Warren-plus-Sanders number has
consistently hovered in the 50s. With the whittling of the field,
that overall number bumped up to low-60s, but the nonprogressive
wing of the audience has rallied around Biden, just as in the
broader world.

In just two weeks, Biden’s raw vote went from 3,712 to 10,605,
while Mike Bloomberg went from 5,608 to 1,622. Votes for Amy
Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg, who had combined for 16% support two
weeks ago, also seem to have mostly landed with Biden.

Unlike the Sanders-led narrative that “the establishment” is
conspiring against him, the reality is that Democratic voters are
making up their own minds. And most of us here at Daily Kos may
not like where they’re landing, but that has nothing to do with
any “establishment” (unless you’re really going to argue
that black voters are “the establishment”) and everything to
do with failing to sell a progressive vision to the party’s
broadly diverse base. (That clearly applies to Sanders, who never even bothered to try to grow his support, but also to Warren, who did try.)