Covid Corruption? The Real Problem is Incompetence!

Ever run a business? Let me tell you, it’s no piece of cake. After the mission statement, the lofty goals, the “we’re going to change the world” speeches and picking out the office furniture, it all comes down to the real job of any business, and that is: getting more business.

The smart business person soon recognizes that he or she can’t be good at everything. You do it all at the beginning, and soon see what comes naturally and what is diametrically opposed to your own nature– those things you’ll never be good at. And after you’ve got some cash flow, you begin to replicate yourself with people unlike yourself., people having the kind of strengths that you simply don’t.

Unless, of course, you’re a narcissist, in which case you hire more people just like you, who will agree with you on everything. And since you’re a narcissist, you’re never going to delegate important jobs, because only you are capable of doing them anyone– you, out of the 7,577,130,400 people in this world.

Don’t Fix It, Flack It!

So, as the needs of your customers grow, you don’t grow with them, you don’t get jobs done on time, you make mistakes, your customers want make-goods– either fixes or refunds– and pretty soon you’re chasing your tail to get things done and make ends meet. And your solution is not to fix your problems, but ignore them, and put out a press release about how great you are. Because you believe you are, and nothing can change that. You’re a narcissist.

This what has happened to our government. The President, used to total control, stripped the government of people he couldn’t trust to say yes, and stripped many layers in the org chart so he could maintain total control. Despite the coronavirus, if you read or hear the news carefully, there are ongoing stories of firings, replacement of competent people with cronies and sycophants, and dissolution of vital strategic committees and positions.

The Friends and Family Plan

The cronyism part comes into play as a result of this blacklisting of competent personnel. When a person MUST be replaced, he is replaced with friends and family– people who only want to see you happy, like keeping a bully dad at bay with his favorite meal, or beer, or football game. In this case, you make dad happy with a single word: YES.

So if you’re waiting for The White House to get its act together and solve the Covid-19 testing problem, don’t. You’ll be waiting a long time. The people who could have done the job were fired. Dozens of them, all experts in immunology. The only way this changes is with a change in command, and we the people are the board of directors.

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