Republicans are afraid that Trump’s second impeachment trial is going to be ’embarassing’

Talking about the actual events of Jan. 6, and Donald Trump’s actions that led to men in paramilitary garb searching through the House chamber for hostages could be deeply embarrassing to Republicans. As eternal Trump advisor Steve Bannon notes, “The Democrats have a very emotional and compelling case. They’re going to try to convict him in the eyes of the American people and smear him forever.”

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Prosecutors push to rearrest Kyle Rittenhouse. Here’s how the case has unfolded since he posted bail

Wisconsin prosecutors Wednesday asked to issue an arrest warrant for Rittenhouse, stating he violated his bail agreement by not disclosing his address after his release. Rittenhouse’s legal team has countered with the need to keep his location secret due to claims of death threats against him.

Much attention has been directed at Rittenhouse’s case proceedings, particularly as a cause célèbre among right-wing circles. His supporters welcomed the news on November 20 that he left jail after an apparent fundraising effort met the $2 million required.

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Bob Woodward on Hal Holbrook in ‘All the President’s Men’: ‘He captured the intensity’

Holbrook portrayed numerous historic figures throughout his career — even embodying Mark Twain longer than Samuel Clemens played him. The actor said he spent part of his career escaping Twain’s long shadow. By stepping into the shrouded role of Deep Throat, Holbrook found magic in exploring shades of intrigue.

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, QAnon conspiracy promoter, rose with support from key Republicans

As Marjorie Taylor Greene entered a runoff last year to be the Republican nominee for a U.S. House seat in Georgia, her opponent sounded the alarm. He warned top party officials that she had made a series of dangerous, baseless claims, and that she would tear apart the GOP if she won.

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FBI finds evidence of coordination at Capitol riot

When die-hard supporters of President Donald Trump showed up at rally point “Cowboy” in Louisville on the morning of Jan. 5, they found the shopping mall’s parking lot was closed to cars, so they assembled their 50 or so vehicles outside a nearby Kohl’s department store.

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Ocasio-Cortez To Ted Cruz: ‘You Almost Had Me Murdered … You Can Resign’

The congresswoman told the Texas Republican that he should resign if he wanted “to help,” after he agreed with a tweet of hers, in which she called for transparency into the trading app Robinhood’s decision to stop investors from buying GameStop, AMC Entertainment and other stock shares earlier in the day. 

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D.C. judge jails Richard Barnett, man who was photographed in Pelosi’s office during Capitol breach

A magistrate judge in Arkansas had previously approved Barnett’s release, saying he could safely stay with his partner until trial.

Howell disagreed, saying he came to the Capitol “prepared with a weapon and cloaked with entitlement” and “seemed happy to be one of the stars of this revolt,” only to attempt to evade law enforcement after leaving.

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Biden signed 30 executive orders in his first 3 days as President

President Biden has signed a flurry of executive orders, actions and memorandums aimed at rapidly addressing the coronavirus pandemic and dismantling many of former President Trump’s policies. 

The 30 executive actions Biden has taken in the first days of his administration include:

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