Are We Really “Doomed to Repeat It?”

“Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

So says Trump, thinking he knows what it means.

The parallels between 1968 and 2020 in this country are frightening, especially if we are doomed to repeat them.

Not just the over-the-top policing, the protests in the streets, are the resultant civil unrest.

But what happened after, which was a slow return to normalcy.

I know I didn’t like what I saw on television during the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago, or the middle-of-the-road candidate outcome, given the losses of Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and the fading star of Eugene McCarthy. Those inside the convention halls settled, and in November we ended up with Dick Nixon.

In the wake of Vietnam the protests continued, but many of us took them as a social event.

“Who you taking to the Revolution?” we would say, reflective of a dimming view of the issues at hand and the practical aspects of being a college student.

In the end, it was hubris that killed the beast called Tricky Dick, and by that time we were on to careers, family life, or Miller Time of the front porch of our apartments. 3 Dead in O-hio.

What we’re experiencing today– Black Live Matter, police violence, outrageous police and military budgets, nonsense from the Presidential podium– is what we experiences then. Plus covid.

What we may be doomed to repeat is inertia, inaction, and a return to normal.

But covid tells us there will be a new normal. We have a chance to define it.

Thanks to Trump, covid is staying with us. It shrinks in some places, but it grows in the states where Trump is strong, thanks to blind faith governors.

Yes, the economy is an issue, but it will rise and fall, if all you’re looking at is the Dow. Reality will sink in, and the rich are too busy being rich to care much about the average citizen’s income

Stay awake, stay alert, stay in the streets. We have new energy– the energy of awareness, of youth, of aged wisdom, of what the public can see on TV.

Stay in their face, and this outcome will be different. And vote.

–Pop Cramps

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