About Us

We believe in fairness, courtesy, thoughtfulness, and the ability to think things through before reacting. The only way to improve out future is to learn from the past. We believe in education, a hand up, a hand out as necessary, and a the return to a strong middle class economy.

We believe there are two economies: the stock market economy and the real economy, which is fettered by stagnant wages and rising cost of living expenses.

We believe that immigration strengthens the gene pool, the economy, and the cause of decency. We are all immigrants, or the descendants of them. Many of our grandparents suffered some of the same indignities today’s immigrants suffer, but still had a chance to melt into the pot. Most did not suffer in cages.

We believe that the actions of our leaders today will be seen through the same eyes of those that look back in history and recognize despotism, McCarthyism, racism, fanaticism and fascism. We believe in preserving our political balance while promoting positive change.

We believe in YES.