8 Lost Weeks and No Masks (Thanks, Trump!) Have Bankrupted a Sh*t-Ton of Companies

“Among the national chains that have recently filed for bankruptcy are J.Crew, Neiman Marcus, Modell’s Sporting Goods, Pier 1, GNC, Chuck E. Cheese, Roots USA, True Religion, JCPenney, Neiman-Marcus, Tuesday Morning and Bluestem Brands. Sears, Kmart, JoAnn Stores and David’s Bridal reportedly could be nearing bankruptcy.“– news reports.

So while Trump fiddled for two months, then encouraged “reopening” beaches, gatherings, bars, and rallies, then poo-pooed mask wearing, the real economy fell into the toilet. Not just for the big companies, but also for the mom and pop shops, local restaurants, gyms, barber shops, offices, distributorships, creative agencies, and more that won’t be tallied until this thing is over.

Some of the big companies that have filed for bankruptcy are low priced retailers, some are fast food chains, some are regional and some are national. Some offer goods at bargain prices, where underpaid, smart shoppers go to make ends meet. Some have closed all their stores; some remain open. It was difficult enough to shop as it was, with phone ordering and curbside pickup being the order of the day. Some were closed for months. It striked at the heart of our economy.

Pop’s kid, Pop Jr., said it best: “In capitalism, we shop– it’s our job!”

But we also vote, that’s also our job in a democracy.

And what’s happening to us didn’t have to happen. We could have beaten Covid-19. We (some of “we”, and many of our leaders) chose not to. It wasn’t good for the election, so let’s ignore it, they said. Well, what say ye know? The republicans have responded to the rebounding pandemic that they caused by opening their states wide and encouraging a good time by saying, “Yeah, well, okay, wear a mask I guess”. Thanks heaps.

Blind faith without research gets you this– a rebounding coronavirus in states that stayed open, and warning signs in states that didn’t, or felt they earned the right to try.

All we needed to do was face reality early on, like Europe, China, Australia, New Zealand. Then, up the testing and tracing. We still don’t have widespread testing, so we don’t even know what the real numbers are. What we needed was a countrywide plan, countrywide control, and countrywide testing.

“Not my job”, said Trump.

Well then, Wackjob McNutt, what is your job? To complain, campaign, and abstain? That’s not your job. You won’t do your job, so we’ll find someone who will.

Because one of our jobs is to VOTE. Voting is real, and has real consequences.

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